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When can I receive my first payout?

Once you obtain a funded account you must first trade on it for a minimum of 10 trading days. These days are vital for us to understand that you are respecting our rules and have a proper risk management. 

After these 10 days pass, you can request your first payout if the account is in profit.

What is the process of profit withdrawal?

Your profit withdrawal process is really straightforward. When you are eligible for a withdrawal, you only need to click the profit withdrawal button from your Member Area and we will disburse the profit in your mentioned Payout method without any hassle.

Can I buy a new account with my profit?

Yes, you can use your withdrawable profits to purchase a new account as long as the amount of your profits is equal to, or more than the registration fee required for the new account.

Who will pay tax on my profit?

You will have to pay your own taxes based on your country’s tax policy.

What payout methods you support?

Currently we only process payouts via digital currency USDT ERC20.

Please make sure and double check that you provide the right address in the Member Area before requesting a payout.

If you enter a wrong wallet address or a wrong chain, we are not responsable for the loss of funds.

How much is the profit split with Elites Funding?

With Elites Funding, you’ll get up to a 90% profit split.

You’ll get an 80% profit share initially. With scale-up, you’ll be eligible for a 90% profit share.

My payout request was accepted, when will i receive the funds?

Once our financial team has approved your payout request, the funds will be sent to the wallet address you provided in 14 calendar days.

Is there a minimum amount to request for payout?

The minimum amount that you can request for payout is $200 before profit split. 

I already have a pending payout, can I request a new one?

If you have a pending payout, you must wait for the settlement to be made. 

Once you received your payout you can request a new one on the same day.

It's the day of payout, but I have not received my funds yet, when will i get it?

Please wait until the end of day before opening a ticket to our support team. 

Your payout will be processed and sometimes this can be close to the end of the day.

I have a pending payout but my funded account was violated, will i still get the funds?

If your payout was accepted and scheduled by our financial team, your will receive your payout even if you violated the funded account meanwhile.