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What capital can I get as a Elites Funding Trader?

You can start with a 25k, 50K, 100K, or 200K balance. You may apply if you wish to trade with a higher balance account. Elites Funding will scale up your account balance if you’re consistent with your strategy and risk management.

Am I responsible for the loss on the account?

No. Elites Funding’s goal is to make sure you can trade freely. To ease your pressure, we’ll take responsibility for the loss.

What is your leverage?

For all of the accounts we offer at Elites Funding you will get 1:100 leverage.

What is your server time?

During daylight saving, the server time of Elites Funding is GMT.

What trading platforms do you offer?

Currently we offer trading accounts on MetaTrader 4 and we will introduce others soon.

Can I trade on my mobile?

Yes. You’re allowed to use your Mobile phone.

Can I change my MetaTrader password?

The password for your MetaTrader account will be generated when your trading account is created and will be sended over email. It can not be changed

Can I share my trading account's password with anyone?

As we evaluate your trading skills, you are solely responsible for your trading account and are not allowed to share your password with others. Sharing your password is prohibited because it grants unauthorized access to your account for trading purposes. Violating this rule will be considered a breach of our terms of service, and Elites Funding reserves the right to take necessary action in such cases.

Is there a free trial account?

At this time there is no free trial account.

Do you have any country restrictions?

Currently Elites Funding does not provide services to residents of OFAC sanctioned countries and FATF blacklisted countries.

Is Elites Funding regulated?

We do not hold clients money or trade for the public, nor are we brokers. Therefore, we are not required to be regulated.

Where are you located?

Elites Funding Headquarters is located in Gibraltar.

Do you allow EA's/Indicators?

Indicators are allowed. However Expert Advisors (EA’s) and any other Robots are NOT Allowed!

This includes Trade copiers, Auto Trading bots. The purpose of the evaluation is to evaluate you as a trader and not a robot or somebody else.

Using any of the following strategies is strictly forbidden:

– Use of Emulators.
– High-Frequency Trading (Manually or Using a Bot)
– Reverse Arbitrage Trading
– Hedge Arbitrage Trading.
– Latency Arbitrage Trading.
– Tick Scalping
– Grid trading
– One-sided Betting
– Copying trades from other traders.

More information regarding prohibited trading strategies can be found here.

Can I trade from multiple IP addresses?

We recommend not to. If you are trading from a different location or using VPS, you need to show proof to us.

Will I get a certificate?

Elites Funding appreciates your trading skills and tallent. As a sign of recognition for your achievements, you will be awarded certificates from Elites Funding. You can find them in your Member Area.