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Does Elitesfunding have an affiliate programme?

We have an affiliate programme, but only for influencers or community managers. If you have a community and would like to affiliate with Elitesfunding, please send us an email at [email protected]

Is there an expiration date for the coupon codes?

Yes, all the coupon codes have an expiration date.

Do you have any ongoing offers or promotions?

All the ongoing offers and promotions are displayed on our Instagram page or Telegram channel and sent through our email newsletter.

Can I trade from multiple IP addresses?

We recommend not to. If you are trading from a different location or using VPS, you need to show proof to us.

Will I get a certificate?

Elites Funding appreciates your trading skills and tallents. As a sign of recognition for your achievements, you will be awarded certificates from Elites Funding. You can find them in your Member Area.

Can I trade on my mobile?

Yes. You’re allowed to use your Mobile phone.

Besides a Funded Account, do you provide any other value for traders?

Sure we do! At Elitesfunding, most of us are traders too and we know the needs of our clients based on our own experiences. We constantly develop new features and educational content for our clients.